Join BESIGN The Sustainable Design School and become a professional committed to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of men and women all over the world.From sustainable innovation workshops in multidisciplinary teams of students to projects in partnership with companies and institutions, our teaching methods are based on an essential rule: learning by doing. Our Diploma Designer en Innovation Durable (Designer in Sustainable Innovation) is recognized by the French national register of professional qualifications (RNCP), as a level 7 of the European qualifications Framework (EQF)

Our curriculums

3 years
Bachelor’s degree Assistant designer in sustainable innovation
180 ects

2 years
Master level degree Designer in Sustainable Innovation
120 ects

Seminars and internships in innovation and sustainable design.

BEcome an actor of change

How anticipating future scenarios and taking societal, environmental, economic and cultural concerns into account? Learn more about eco-design, product life cycle analysis and biomimicry.

From drawing to digital tools, design and animate objects in space. Learn how to use CAD in 2D and 3D.

Discover more about key methods such as design thinking, frugal innovation, knowledge design, biomimicry and social innovation.

Our institutional partners

Welcoming people with disabilities

BESIGN School strives to provide various educational accommodations for individuals with disabilities to ensure optimal preparation for their training. We are an establishment classified as an ERP (Public Reception Facility), accessible to individuals with disabilities. The reception and explanation of the apprentice’s journey will be provided upon request through our disability contact person. Our teachers are sensitized to the needs and challenges related to students with disabilities.

You can also contact the disability contact person via email: